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    Artist In Residence

    With Alphaeus

    Helping small churches, with a big heart, empower the next generation

  • Operation BREATHE

    BREATHE = to move air into and out of your lungs: to inhale and exhale.
    Op BREATHE is about breathing God's presence and Word into a generation. When they inhale and exhale at HYPE, they will BREATHE in fresh air. Every effort by the team will lead to an encounter with God's presence through the Word of God. Op BREATHE promotes an atmosphere full of energy!

    What is Operation BREATHE?

    OP B is an acronym that serves as a funnel. HYPE relaunch will go through this funnel before HYPE re

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    Identity and who we are

    What is our secret sauce




    Assets | Assessments | Alliances

    Follow up

    Strategic alliances internally and externally

    What are our assets

    What are our resources



    Organizational Capabilities

    Human Resources




    Reimagine /Relaunch

    Reveal a new culture

    Confident with every effort

    Renovating the status quo

    Fresh ideas


    Prepared for the assignment

    Culture of communication

    PPPP mindset



    Excitement / Energy

    Maintain throughout everything we do

    Hope | Help | Honor

    What we offer

    Onboarding volunteers

    A part of our culture


    Execution | Excellence

    From SOPS, handbooks to communication

    Good steward over every goal

    ROS for everything

    A clear message that HYPE is exceptional

    Engineer mindest

  • Next Steps Recommendations

    HYPE Pre-Launch Student Registration

    • Updated info for new activities and format will be pushed to parents and students
    • Adopt Jotform platform and prepare link
    • Send link to parents on current roster to complete digitally
    • The relaunch registration will give an indication of who is ready to return as well as their interest level

    HYPE Pre-Launch Staff & Teacher Registration

    • Entire relaunch team must register by a deadline
    • Use Jotform platform and prepare link
    • Include info that will help determine scheduling, new format, and other helpful data

    February 26 (HYPE Team Expo)

    • Share Run of Show with everyone
    • Complete the Run of Show template walkthrough
    • Communicate the high level pipeline
    • Reimagine motivation
    • Commitment
    • Safety tips
    • How to transform content (when we get to that point)
    • Consider not releasing any concrete dates yet (need a training and re-culture period)

    Parent & Alliance Expo (same day)

    • Invite parents and offer Q&A
    • Possibly after church or a Saturday
    • New protocols: 
      • Check in, online portal, events sneek peak, volunteer and join team request.
      • Invite alliance members like, music director, deacons, trustees, church admin, media, kitchen,transportation, etc. 
      • Let the alliance know how HYPE will engage with them, advise on how HYPE can support them and what HYPE is expecting from them. 
      • Express appreciation and excitement to all parties. 

    Children's Church Reimagined

    • What does Children's Church look like under OP BREATHE?
    • Reimagine the name: Children's church or HYPE Time, HYPE Zone
    • Pull trigger after pre-launch registration
    • Recommendation 2 sizes fits all
    • Ages 5-11 joint presentation
    • Ages 12-17 joint presentation
    • What about 4 and under?
    • Transforming curriculum

    Strategic Sunday/Hype

    • What does this look like?
    • How and when can HYPE incorporate SS content, make it high impact, fun and impactful?
    • Recommendation 2 sizes fits all
    • Ages 5-11 joint presentation
    • Ages 12-17 joint presentation
    • What about 4 and under?

    BIG Four

    • High-level description of each event
    • Mock up run of show template for the event ASAP. Rough draft.
    • Prepare bumper

    Prelaunch Branding

    • Logo
    • Gary & Team videos
    • Banners
    • Shirts
    • Table cloth
    • Room renovation

    HYPE Online Portal

    • Hyperlink on Valley Brook FB page & website
    • Corner for parents and team
    • Media, teaching, link to YouTube
    • Announcements

    Branding & Marketing Blitz

    • Logo
    • Bumpers
    • Devo snippets
    • Social media
    • Thumbnails
    • Tag line, mission, vision, Scripture
    • Invites

    Asset & Capability Session

    • What are our assets for youth?
    • What do we do well/what do we have going for us?
    • What assets are internal and external, and likely to convert?
    • What are we capable of doing with what we have? 
    • How do we properly align the team with their best giftings?
    • What are previous successes or victories that could be remixed and reimagined?
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    Meetings Trainings Workshops Huddles

    ID: 87834427126

    passcode: hype22

  • BIG Four 2k22

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    VBS June

    Theme = Standing on God's Word

    June 8-10

    Scripture ?


    Run of show needs to be finalized


    Curriculum = custom Shanita

    Re-imagined format


    broken image

    Back 2 School/Graduation August?

    Two in one


    Run of show

    broken image

    Fall Festival/Block Party October 28-29-30?


    Run of show

    broken image

    CHRISTMAS Evening/ December


    Run of show

  • New logo, vision statement and more.

    1.Need a scripture reference the students can connect with and memorize.
    2. HYPE Tagline = Holy Youth Prepared Empowered
    3. What is HYPE Vision? Example = to become the leading youth ministry in the upstate reaching xyz students doing xyz.


    1. How will logo look on 100 shirts or hoodies?
    2. Can it stand the test of time like app logos?
    3. How will it look on the wall?
    4. How will it look on a letterhead going to a bank?
    5. IF it was animated how will it look.
    6. Poll students on several new looks.
    7. How does it look in different colors. Ie B&W
    8. Is it social media friendly?
    9. How can the old logo be remixed?
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  • Jun Summary



    June 7 Check In

    Pastor J, Ava, Gary, and Alphaeus

    Future Youth leader plan, promo for July 10 and church update.


    June 13 Huddle

    Speed, Shanita, Gary, Angela, Khristie

    Run of show for July 10



    July Summary

    July 24th Huddle


    Hype Teacher (Zina - Teen Teacher)

    (Trabeka) hosting

    Caneberry community Walk 11am & 11-2 Carwash

    Teacher recruitment for September 123 (kick back) 4th Sunday is traditionally youth Sunday.

    Tamika is a college ministry candidate-

    Speed helping with older students

    Need strategy needed for September - 2-3 & 7-10

    September - Daryl teen fellowship

    Option 22- Fall Fest- Tanesha & Lakesha one of the twins - 7-10 teachers - 2-5


    Hype Shirts - potential - Youth one color and adults another color

    Need Designs- August 6 5pme




    Youth House Changes & Plan - renamed -

    Kids Playground - Sponsors




    August 11 - HYPE Zoom Huddle T-shirt- Design

    October /Fall Festival is full steam ahead

    Teacher recruiting Challenges -

    Caneberry walk - with Zina Wass a success - Pastor J wanted Pictures


    Promo for Sept Church - Video or Graphic

    2023 Dreams $$$$$$

    Christmas ???


    Electronic- Sign in - Khristie - iPads

    Device ??

    ACS- financial program- Asked Monique - Plug In for Sign Up


    Live Promo or Video Promo-

    Other Communities Kids-



    Community Kids Youth Choir Hype -

    Workshop- Canneberry-Valleybrook

    Workshop & Sing in Larry - Sheree- Youth Choir traditionally-4th -



    Hype Shirt Deadlines


    Speed - took over 1st Sundays


    Youth Morning - pics

    Jordan? Possible team addition


    August 14

    Bookbag giveaway


    August 15

    Pastor J, Ava, Gary, Huddle



    October 23 - Youth Choir with Alphaeus Sheree Larry




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    Templates Docs Samples

    ie: SOPS, ORg Charts, Roles,

    All Posts