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    Artist In Residence

    With Alphaeus

    Helping churches of all sizes, with a big heart, empower the next generation

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    passcode: hype22

  • Next Steps Recommendations & AIR Checklist


    1. Big Four 2023

    2. Quarterly training with Lit team

    3. Lead Monthly Team Meetings (SOPs Implemented)

    4. Environment and Re-branding campaign

    5. Maintenance (Children’s Church & Teen Christian Ed Experience)


    1. Online portal orientation working with Mrs. Penny and the current ecosystem, team

    2. History knowledge transfer (What are we officially ending or reimagining?)

    3. Grow, rebrand and perfect Children’s Church experience

    4. Lead mandatory team trainings and meetings

    5. Plan 2023 Youth Ministry calendar

    6. Build asset inventory (relationships, active ministries, online directory, etc.)

    7. All students registered in jotform or like system

    8. Team Retreat Part 1

    9. Identify official team roles

    10. L.I.T Parent Expo

    11. Team contracts and signed agreements (BGC system...mandatory - Safe Sanctuary)

    12. Adopt Y52 interactive/tech curriculum - January 2023

    13. Hub for documentation (Google Docs or Dropbox) monthly hosting fee may apply

    14. Implement youth ministry and youth ministry team 2-3-month evaluation

    15. Pastor and L.I.T check-in rhythm (strengthen support and relationship)

    16. Youth ministry re-branding for marketing (IG, FB, Youtube, etc.)

    17. L.I.T re-branding on church website

    18. Explore fundraising ideas

    19. Environment re-branding (based on budget) (Inventory and sell stuff)

    20. Help build more youth participation in adult service on non-youth Sundays

    21. System for tracking attendance and salvations (follow up plan)

    22. Automate GPS (MailChimp, Remind, etc.)

  • Note from Bev & Vaudry & White Huddle



    Lasonya = Grants & Partnership

    Beverly - Childrens Ministry - 3-11 or 7-11

    w2023- New Coordinator

    Morgan & Rikita

    Mrs Ori Edwards - SPP RC- Council Team Chair for Methodist- Staff Development




    Childrens Church - Pandemic was virtually

    Youth in Pulpit- 4th - Come as you are-Usher- Prayer - Read scripture

    Vaudry- Youth Ministry ages 12-18 - 30th active 40 on roster

    Penny- Assistant & Worship Chair

    Children's Choir -Feb special kids choir was successful

    Kickball Game- 30+ youth

    Suicide Prevention Symposium CVS-

    Youth asking for consistencey their own worship



    First Responders- Kids will respond first- 911 connection

    Lit- Leaders in Transformation - Transition -

    Salkehatchie Summer Service - South Carolina UMC - https://www.umcsc.org/salkehatchie/



    Lit Youth =Transforming

    Lit Kids =Training


    LOGO for LIT-




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    Notes from meeting with Bev & Vaudry

    Prep for United Methodist Revolution Conference in January12&Up -


    BIG 4- Suggested

    • VBS- Imagination  - June 10th 12-16 kick off 3-5 days VBS Coordinator traditionally under margertter d freeman
    • Desire to do it right after school is out. 
    • Revolution - January 27-29 Township Auditorium 
    • Christmas 
    • Fall something
    Soft Kick Off Dec 10/11
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    Sunday Morning Introduction November 13th 9am Service

    Nov 14 Staff Meeting #1 9am-12pm

    November 27 Staff Meeting #2 10:30am

    1. (10/11th Update) (Budget &Food PO Alliances,ROS) Big Four Dates


    Help engage LIT FB page- promo for 3rd Sunday.


    2. 29th 8:30-12 Youth Room Huddle plans,Revolution Trip Check list - Safe Sanctuary Policy- release forms- Who's team?


    Sunday Promo & promo to get folks


    FMEA for 10/11, food for 10/11, alliances confirmed, launch new team org chart, SOP's & model for kids & team, get Jan trip update, team training & vision casting. 2023 Calendar. We are behind for 2023 but if we remain aggressive we will catch up.


    Onboarding Morgan & Rikita plans and Will



    Locate Lit Logo -

    Update on Dec 25th -


    White dropped in- Suggested Kids & Grief addressing

    Team Heat & Lit - collage seed planted-




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    Dec 3- Church Calendar

    Fishing Trip-

    New members class

    23 Psalm series


    Harvest Hope

    Post to my wall

    Heat program?? what is it?

    All saints day.



    Youth back in church in all programs desire

    Life group leader

    18-40 -




    Family Collab events for all ages

    Food & Childcare

    Virtual engagement

    Sat- before 10 or after 7 (challenge)

    Answer the objections

    SPPRC- ??

    Lead Team-







    Christmas & possible Youth Choir? Definitely not enough time.

    Prep for United Methodist Revolution Conference

    Dec 10 kids Love of Jesus Jam
    Dec 11 Wings & Wisdom
    Potential Christmas Engagement from Alphaeus-
    Fun Christmas Songs - request from Pastor White to potentially Work with TJ if in town. Maybe family feud segment- Left side against right side??
    Class- Meeting
    Boys Basketball Team
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    Templates Docs Samples

    SOPS, ORg Charts, Role &


    SOARS for LIT

    Service Outlines And Run of Services/Show

  • What others are saying

    Travis Greene

    Alphaeus is leading a Stellar Award Winning youth choir. He is challenging the status quo and creating a model for how youth music ministry should look in our churches.

    Lejuene Thompson

    Lead Singer for Donald Lawrence & Tri-City Singers

    Alphaeus is anointed to do what he does. That's the only way to explain it.

    Bishop Michael Blue

    Alphaeus Anderson has demonstrated a God-given passion and God-honoring strategies for reaching the young, our most precious ones, and developing them into disciples of Jesus Christ. Each time that he has served our ministries and our children, we are better because of the grace on his life. Blessings upon Alphaeus, his family, and his team!

    Dr Toney C Parks

    Former President of the

    SC Congress of Christian Education

    I have had the opportunity to observe Alphaeus as a talented youth and a gifted  ministry leader for over 20 years. The upstate community is fortunate to have such a talented innovative technological asset serving our church families.


    Dr. Johnasen L. Pack

    Pastor & Presiding Prelate of the

    Jordan Partnership

    Alphaeus is the guy that really activated me. You don't know how much I look up to you. To every Pastor around the country, if your youth ministry is not what is should be, Alphaeus will train your leaders and give you the tools to accomplish what you need to accomplish.

    Lee McDermant

    New Spring Church

    Underneath his brilliant musical and ministry methods are humility, a vibrant faith and peerless character. God has used Alphaeus in a mighty way to affect the lives of thousands of students. I urge you: study his methods; walk in his instruction. You will be glad you did.

  • New logo, vision statement and more.

    1.Need a scripture reference the students can connect with and memorize.
    2. HYPE Tagline = Holy Youth Prepared Empowered
    3. What is HYPE Vision? Example = to become the leading youth ministry in the upstate reaching xyz students doing xyz.


    1. How will logo look on 100 shirts or hoodies?
    2. Can it stand the test of time like app logos?
    3. How will it look on the wall?
    4. How will it look on a letterhead going to a bank?
    5. IF it was animated how will it look.
    6. Poll students on several new looks.
    7. How does it look in different colors. Ie B&W
    8. Is it social media friendly?
    9. How can the old logo be remixed?